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In England & Wales alone there are 180,000 miles of public rights of way. “Britain has 91,000 miles of footpaths & 20,000 miles of bridleways. ” Compared with other countries like Ireland (judging from maps), the UKs amount of paths is a big difference and makes me feel very fortunate to live in the UK. As I love cycling off road, and these paths enable me to do so.

When I think back to my favorite cycle rides, they’ve nearly always been off-road ones. I don’t find cycling on busy roads that enjoyable – as there are big tons on metal often dangerously passing you. I therefore go for country lanes and off road paths where possible (as it’s nicer to be completely away from cars). Sustrans often incorporates off road paths into there routes but I also find them online and put them into my gps.

The ridgeway is my favorite bridleway that I’ve been on, very scenic. But there are lots of paths that go through woods, parks, farms etc scattered all around the country and these are great for offroad cyclists. There are also lots of rail trails and canals which you can cycle on in the UK.

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