No leisure cycling in Spain, Italy & France – & Coronavirus questions answered by CyclingUK

I have read online that if you’re in Spain, Italy & France you’re still allowed to cycle to work, but you’re not permitted to do any leisure cycling. Cycling keeps you healthy and as a result I think your therefore less likely to catch coronavirus / have bad response to it. So a shame why they have taken this measure. However, I understand governments wanting to reduce the spread of coronavirus.. and cyclists can go from town to town with the virus which increases the spread (If they are going to cafes/ shops etc). Also, as the health services are under a lot of pressure due to pandemic if you get in an accident cycling then that means less attention can go to coronavirus related patients. So I can understand why they have taken this measure.

Above is a link to some useful coronavirus and cycling related questions by CyclingUK.

Here is a photo that i came across that has been shared a lot emphasising why you should cycle during the outbreak of coronavirus;

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