A Few Long European Bicycle Tours

Hamburg – Gothenburg:

It makes far more sense starting at Hamburg if I were to cycle around the Northern European nations of Denmark & Sweden. This is because it would take over 10 days to get to the city if I were to start from London, and I have already cycled there before. Therefore I view it as like a continuation of a previous tour. On this journey I get to visit Copenhagen and Gothenburg. I have read there is some beautiful scenery in Sweden, and if you like nature this is the place to visit.

Tour to Isle of Sicily:

This trip would start at Aylesbury vale parkway. It is very easy to get a Chiltern Railway train to this station, and it enables me to reach further in the first day. And subsequently allows me to hit more youth hostels along the journey. I am no longer that bothered about starting my adventures from the small town of Chorleywood. If I enjoy the tour that’s all matters to me. I have considered cycling to Lands End for a few years… However after doing research, I realised there is a ferry route from Penzance Cornwall to the islands. They are  the warmest islands in all of the UK.  They are not widely visited, and therefore may be cool to check them out.

Poznan – Kiev / Lviv, Ukraine

Poznan was the furthest city that I’ve cycled too. I loved Poland and have said to myself over the last few years that I will return one day. It makes more sense to carry on east if I were to return. Again, I would be cycling a ‘Part 2’ route, starting at the previous end destination. The plan is to see how far I can travel into Eastern Europe. Lviv in western Ukraine I read is like the “Paris of the east”, looks a cool city and worth going too. And Kiev is the capital city of the country and even further inland. However, there are some big issues with cycling in Ukraine – E.g. not many speak English, terrible roads (with lots of potholes), about 5 campsites in the entire country 🙂 However, work is being done by Eurovelo to produce a route known as EV4 from Poland to Kiev, across Ukraine. I do think this would be an awesome experience to cycle in this Eastern nation, and there are plenty of advantages. E.g. cheap food, and accommodation. [Also this route goes via Krakow – the most touristy Polish city, and visits a Czech Republic city).

Frankfurt –  Vienna, Austria

This potential tour in my view would be awesome. Again it starts from a city that I’ve previously cycled too. This route is not very hilly, compared with other potential tours that I could complete; Scotland, Spain & Cornwall etc. The route goes via the River Danube (the most popular European cycle route), and to get to the Danube it visits some picturesque towns and cities in the Bavaria state of Germany, going via different official cycle routes the whole journey. I have cycled a fair bit of the River Rhine, and Elbe in the past on previous tours.. I really did love cycling in Germany in 2016. Cycling further along the river Danube to Bratislava & Budapest is also a viable potential option, but may well be unnecessary. Considering how awesome Vienna looks.

Lerwick, Scotland

Some days, or months I feel cycling in the UK is just more convenient. There is plenty to see in the country. Everyone speaks the same language, you don’t need to worry about currency. You know lots of local trains will take bicycles, you know what supermarkets to visit etc. There are many advantages and I have loved in the past going up North – my experience is people are more friendly and outgoing outside of the south, especially the miserable Londoners! I have cycled to the Scottish border town of Gretna Green, and attempted to cycle to Edinburgh / Aberdeen in 2018. Therefore unfortunately have never actually done any major cycling in Scotland, or Northern Ireland (excluding  a 10 mile ride I completed with my father, near Port Rush in 2013). I have cycled a lot in Wales, and especially in southern England… but not these two autonomous regions on the kingdom. Also it’s worth noting it rains a lot in Scotland and there are lots of hills. I also am aware of the problem with midges in the summer months. Western Scotland has nicer scenery, but is far more hilly.


Santiago De Compostela, Spain

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