Blog – Dog bit me on the Grand Union Canal at Rickmansworth

Yesterday, on the 3rd of February I was bitten by a German Shepherd while cycling on the Grand Union Canal. The first time I’ve been bitten by a dog. The bugger went in front of my bicycle, therefore I braked to not him then he came round the side and nipped around my ankle. It all happened quite quickly so didn’t have much time to react. It wasn’t a nasty bite, no bleeding or anything. Besides this incident I had a great bike ride to black park.

The dog looked dodgy as it was coming towards me, online it says it’s best to surrender and not challenge the dog. And if your having a full on dog attack – you play dead apparently. Another approach is to protect yourself from it, so you put your bicycle between you and the dog. Which would have been a good idea if he was to carry on biting.

At least I wasn’t cycling on the continent – where rabies is more likely. I told the dog owner their dog just bit me straight away so they would call it back which they did – but they didn’t even apologise :/

Other approaches for aggressive dogs include buying a dog horn which is a lot more inconvenient to carry but supposedly works. Avoid eye contact, stop moving (which i did), give it something to chew on etc

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