Blog – Wild Camping (Stealth Camping)

In this blog I will discuss ‘wild camping’ (also known as: Stealth Camping) – how to go about it, some photographs of my wild camping spots, legislation, advantages etc.

Why I wild camp?

I go cycle touring to see stuff and also mainly for the sense of adventure. Wild camping for me feels more adventurous, so I try to do this as much as possible (and have done quite a few times now). It’s free, if you on a budget then this can be more suitable. It’s great fun searching for spots. Also, the views from your tent are generally better than at a typical campsite! Not always though. It entirely depends where you set the tent up. 🙂


How I go about it?

Generally, I try too wild camp late at night so no one sees me. I don’t make noise or liter… and then pack up earlier next morning, in case anyone come across me. I also try not to camp in such as obvious place. And I have the mentality that if someone gets annoyed I would just apologise, and if someone was loosing the plot at me I would offer him a small bit of money, especially if he was land owner.

I normally start looking for spots maybe 2 / 1 hours before dark. However I generally don’t rely on wild camping in case I can’t find anywhere. I have a plan to hit a youth hostel / campsite on most occasions.

I think in Europe people don’t care too much, especially the Nordic countries (Like Sweden) where legally you’re allowed to camp on someones land if you’re less than 100 meters from the house or something… Don’t quote me on that but legislation on wild camping is actually different across Europe.

Note: I believe it’s best to have a green, or a similar colour tent that can blend into the landscape. Also, to have a tent that is small therefore will not be seen. I.e. I wouldn’t advise wild camping with a bright 10 person one 🙂


I’ve tended to wild camp often as a last resort – Therefore lots of places admittedly are not perfect. But whatever, all you need is a bit of short grass!

Beside a rail trail in Market Harborough, England:

Abandoned field in Calais, France:

Entrance to a farm in North Wales:

Public woods near Rochester, England:

On my YouTube videos you can see more video shots and photographs of wild camping spots. Places I have camped in the past include; in woods, on the side of canal banks & rail trails, parks, abandoned fields, farms, next to rivers, next to the sea etc.

My favorite wild camping spots are when there are tables or a bench in proximity, this allows you to eat food and relax etc. & My all time favorite spot was by the sea at Kilmore Quay in Ireland (6:49 on the linked video).




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