Blog – What to pack for a bicycle tour!

Below is a list of stuff that I bring on my bicycle tours!

  • Two water bottles  I find one is never enough for multi-day cycle trips!
  • A lightweight lock  – You don’t want additional weight on your tours, but again you need a decent lock – especially if you are going via dodgy locations.
  • Two rear panniers – I prefer the set up of two rear panniers on your bicycle, but again some people like four panniers (two on the back, and two on the front) – but that’s not for me.
  • Waterproof liners for your panniers – to keep all your clothing, sleeping bag etc dry.
  • Three season sleeping bag – Good idea if you bicycle tour outside of the summer season
  • A camping mat – A cheap one can be bought from most places, this is for comfort and in my view you really don’t need anything expensive.
  • A tent (1.5kg) – A lightweight tent is what you want for touring, you do not want any unnecessary additional weight going up hills. This is most likely to be the heaviest item you bring on a tour, so choose a tent wisely !
  • Two Snoods keeps you warm and prevents colds etc in autumn season.
  • Socks, Underwear, shirts, 2 shorts, reflective clothing Try and pack as few as possible, you can always wash them. Also the shorts that I wear can be converted into trousers via zipping legs onto them. This cuts back on clothing.
  • Breathable waterproof jacket  You don’t want to get wet clothing.
  • Knee supports (for both legs) – if you have some knee pain like me
  • Cycling gloves Stops your hands getting blisters & keeps ya warm
  • GoPro (and some spare batteries) – Might as well record your tours, so you can look back on them!
  • Garmin GPS –  You don’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere. Even if you want to navigate using traditional methods. These GPS aren’t very expensive these days, they are light weight and well worth bringing on a bicycle tour.
  • Bicycle lights you want to be seen / safe on your travels.
  • Paper maps – so you’re not totally reliant on technology
  • Anker battery  you want a high MAH power bank, but also a high ratio of MAH to KG. As every gram makes a difference when touring.
  • Tools – depending on where you’re heading and for how long, you may need more tools.
  • Helmet – especially if doing a lot of road cycling
  • Hat, sun tan lotion if sunny 🙂
  • Wipes – Great to use before eating food and keeping self clean
  • A bicycle – 🙂  I tour with a hybrid, and recommend one of these.
  • Bungee cords – These are amazing for strapping (food bags, water bottles etc to back of the bicycle), as well as keeping the sleeping mat & sleeping bag in place.

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