BLOG – What airports I may fly to – for cycling holidays!

As mentioned in previous blogs –  I traveled to Prague in 2018, for a few days. Even though I was not in the city for very long, it was one of my favorite holidays that I’ve been on.  I therefore would love to try something similar for future holidays – where I fly to an interesting city – and do some cycling around the surrounding area. This way I can experience more of each nation that I’m visiting and get to have some fun on the bicycle.

I have created (a fairly large) list over the last few months – that shows awesome cities with cycle routes, that I would want to travel too;

Tallinn, Estonia & Finland (Planned for July 2019).

Tel Aviv, Israel – (Hopefully 2020).

Kiev, Ukraine

Minsk, Belarus

Warsaw, Poland

Lisbon, Portugal

Nice, France

Rome, Italy

Athens, Greece

Munich, Germany

Leipzig, Germany

Dresden, Germany

Budapest, Hungary

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Taipei, Taiwan

Soeul, South Korea

Jeju Island, South Korea

Tokoyo, Japan

New York City, USA

San Francisco, USA

Vancouver, Canada




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