Blog – Looking to buy Gopro Hero 8 after Coronavirus

I’m thinking of buying the new GoPro once I can get back into cycling after the plague is over. I have been recently cycling around Chorleywood for my once a day exercise that is currently allowed. However, at some point I hope to do a bit longer cycle trips. From videos on the internet the footage from the Hero8 looks even more smoother than hero 7. As there is now a feature called hypersmooth 2.0 which cleverly stabilizes the footage really well. Also the hero 8 footage looks a lot nicer to look at than the hero 7. I don’t how to properly articulate it but on Hero 7 to me it looks grainy or like lots of dots scattering the screen…. and the colours are automatically corrected a little bit on the hero 7 to an unnatural way. With the hero 8 to me the footage looks just nicer overall… so I’m thinking of buying the new gopro for those reasons. It is a little pricey, but I think it will be worth it!

Edit : I may wait until Go Pro hero 9 is realeased.

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