BLOG – Lacey Green Windmill & Last Months Bike Ride

It’s the 17th of May, and I just went on a bicycle trip to Lacey Green windmill.

I started from Great Missenden as this is the closest station along the Marylebone – Aylesbury Vale Parkway train line to the windmill.

It was a great ride, the return journey was improvised (made up as I went along) and I found it more interesting than the way there.

On the way back I cycled along the Chiltern way for a bit, random public footpaths often through woods and cycled through a cow field.

I was sitting down with my camera in hand to film some cows, next to a gate.. As a result, sort of lured them to come close. Then as I was leaving a cyclist and a dog came up the hill towards the said gate. I wasn’t sure if he was able to get through, but I thought I would leave quickly before any problems occurred with me and him… as he might have blamed me for not being able to get through – (it was my fault the cows were so close).

There were some nice interesting birds on the bike ride (referring to actual birds), and very low traffic. It was quite nice all in all. Probably around 16 miles I’d say. The windmill itself was larger than expected and in good condition (I read it was restored).

This was the largest bike ride I’ve done currently in the month of May. Last month I cycled 40 miles to Aylesbury along the Aylesbury arm and the grand union canal. That was the first time I’ve cycled along the entirety of the Aylesbury arm. After arriving at the town, I cycled along a (recently created) off road path called the “Waddesdon greenway” which goes from Aylesbury Vale Parkway to Waddesdon manor house (a big house I think from Rothschilds or something like that), I managed to see the house from climbing a hill near the ticket office without paying. It was expensive to enter the grounds, and I believe you are required after paying for a ticket to get on a bus and leave bicycle at the office far away. I thought that was a joke so didn’t bother. If I was allowed to cycle in I would have considered paying.

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