Blog – November 2018 – Czech Republic Cycling

Last November, in 2018 –  I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic. This was an amazing trip, I loved the city, the architecture and medieval feel to the city. There were some alright guys at the youth hostel – from Sweden, and Pakistan. Also there was some tasty food over there. I remember buying a sugary desert from a street stall… I can’t remember what the hell it what now – but pretty sure it was eastern European. And some different tasting sausages. For all I know these weren’t Czech food – but ah well, they were different.

Around the capital there is a fair bit of cycle infrastructure, especially along the Vltava River that flows through the city. I went 40 miles north to a town called Mělník along this river. And around 20 miles south to a small town called Řevnice to get a feel of Czech Republic outside of the big city. In 2016 I actually planned to cycle to Prague all the way from London. However I changed my mind on route to carry on east to Poland.

Everything seemed to work out well with the Czech Republic trip. It was roughly a 5 – 10 minute walk from where the Airport Bus dropped me off in the city, to the youth hostel. Then literally only a minute walk from there to the bicycle hire shop, that had multiple bicycles for hire. They were also happy for me to hire it for 3 days. Great people. –> Hopefully, when I travel to Tallin & Helisniki later this year, it will be straight forward like my time in Prague, but will have to see.


The video below is a short edit of some footage that I recorded in Czech Republic

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