BLOG – Need a new tent! Current one leaks

Today, I came across a one man tent by Snugpak that looks great, at £130 , am very tempted to purchase said tent. A user on a facebook group recommend it. 1.44 kg. 

My previous (current) tent was from the European sport retailer Decathalon. It is called a “T-Lite 1” by the company Ferrino. This tent was alright, light weight (1.55 kg), not too expensive (£79.99) and have used it on multiple tours covering a few thousand miles.

However, on multiple occasions my Ferrino tent has leaked, especially when there has been windy weather with the rain (causing the outter layer to touch inner layer and water comes through).  Rememberable times include near Portsmouth at Hamble-Le-Rice, where I woke up at around 7AM to a soaking wet sleeping bag at the bottom. I was forced to leave the tent and go into a shared cabin for all campsite users. Luckily there was one. Here I charged all my digital tech, and tried to dry sleeping bag and clothes. I also didn’t fancy cycling that early in the morning, so waited here – reviewing footage I had recorded for a few hours before setting off.

Another time that the tent failed myself was at Kilmore Quay in Ireland, near the ferry port of Rosslare Harbour. I wild camped and put my tent up by the coast. It was just getting light… and the rain and wind came and woke me up. Soon after waking up the outer layer came off,  and I recall there being heavy wind. I was thankful that this was not at like 2 in the morning…. I consider myself lucky that I’ve never had a situation where I’ve had to pack my stuff up at a ridiculous time in the morning and hopefully this new tent by Snugpak will be a good buy.

I have ALSO seen a tent by MSR, called a Hubba Hubba NX Tent at £385 this is a bit more pricey. However, it’s larger. Not a one man tent, a two man tent and therefore maybe better when it comes to leaking water. I remember someone in Germany asking me how all my ‘shit’ is going to fit in my one man tent. This could be a good buy. This tent weighs 1.6kg, only a little heavier than than the above tents..


The first tent, SnugPak has good reviews regarding it’s resistance to heavy rain fall.

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