Blog – Get a hybrid bicycle for touring & I recommend a Boardman !

In this blog I will discuss the reasoning for getting a hybrid bicycle for touring & why you should consider a Boardman MX comp (the bicycle I have)

The Boardman is an amazing bike. Above is a picture of it on the moon 🙂

I bought the bicycle in 2016, there is a newer edition of the bike now. However, I will talk about the 2015 edition one. I love it and have been very impressed with the bicycle on the main. In my view, this hybrid bicycle gives you best of both worlds. In terms of giving good suspension / off-road ability. As well as the bike having great road ability, where the thin tires and lightweight frame allows you to go faster on roads (the bike weights 13kg). A few times on this bike I have been around the 40mph mark descending from hills etc, compared with my previous mountain bike (MTB) this one does allow you to go that little bit faster on roads.

To give you an idea of how great the bike is off-road as well. The bicycle cycled along the Ridgeway, with panniers, during my adventure to Cork. The Ridgeway is a old bumpy pilgrimage route that is entirely off-road. This emphasis how brilliant the bicycle is, it’s able to handle a variety of off-road terrains due to it’s suspension forks,  much better than road bikes.

For bicycle touring I would highly recommend a hybrid bicycle. It doesn’t have to be this bicycle but I would recommend a hybrid. You can cycle more miles a day than on an MTB, and also most off-road bicycle routes are not too demanding and are cyclable.

Obviously, you can bicycle tour on any bicycle that you please; foldable ones, road bikes, MTB’s, penny farthings, unicycles etc – (Was getting more ridiculous in the later ones – however it’s worth knowing people out there do go on bicycle tours on unicycles lol). But if your intending to follow official cycle routes such as ones by Sustrans or Eurovelo. Then definitely get a Hybrid, because these official routes often have a variety of terrains to cycle on, and they alternate between off road and road cycling.

I bought the bicycle especially to go touring around continental Europe in 2016. Before this one – I cycled on a MTB. This was decent bicycle. I traveled to Scotland & Paris on the mountain bike. However, this new one I 100% prefer. It was the right size, a large bicycle as opposed to a medium one. It allowed me to sit more up-straight, which was beneficial for my back injury (that I talk about in this blog). and a faster bicycle by a long way.

After cycling in Brittany, on the ferry home from Roscoff to Plymouth, I recall a man saying he was very impressed with his Boardman bicycle for touring as well. So it’s not just just me… I’d rate the bike 9/10 for whatever that is worth!

Cheers all the best, all this is just my view.


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