Blog 2 – An Awesome Private Animal Collection

I sometimes volunteer at a local private animal collection. The collection is roughly only 20 minutes away from my house, so it’s very convenient for myself to visit. I enjoy being around animals, and it’s good place to work as your helping with the welfare of the animals enclosed. They have monkeys, meerkats etc. I like going here more than zoos; (previously volunteered for London Zoo). This collection is only open to the public a few days a year. Therefore there is not a constant amount of people harassing the animals. Banging on cages, making noise, visitor effect, and using flash photography etc etc. There are many advantages to not being open to the public for the animal’s welfare.

I understand there are lots of people out there that really don’t like enclosing animals, and what not… but in my view sadly animals haven’t got a great future in many countries and continents (especially Africa), in the wild. Human populations are rising, habitats are being destroyed and with the potential threat of droughts etc in the African continent – this will force people to go into the ‘bush’ and kill endangered animals, in order to survive. I do support helping animals in the wild, but recognise efforts may not work in the long run. I believe animals in captivity makes sense. They can be part of breeding programmes etc….  And if we allow domestic animals to live in flats. In my view, is it really any different to allow endangered animals or animals that don’t have a great future to live in captivity? Especially when enclosures are often large due to legislation.

With this animal collection; I have noticed lots of family’s turn up for open days, with their young children. There is an argument that says the more people see animals and are aware that they exist  –  the more likely they will want to help them in the future, with conservation efforts etc. If you see an interesting animal in person, you may develop some sort of bond towards it and not want it to become extinct. It makes sense.

I studied animal management at college / university, with the intention of getting into animal conservation and working full time work with primates etc. However currently I am not pursing this career, as I realise the animal sector is very competitive and am happy with my retail job for the time being, and just helping out at this collection from time to time.

The site I go to is a working farm as well. Again, if it’s acceptable by people to have farm animals in captivity – then why not exotics ? If anyone’s wondering how I know that people don’t mind farm animals in captivity. There’s an obvious answer. Only 7 – 14% of the UK is  Vegan / Vegetarian… Therefore the majority of the population are meat eaters. This means the majority of the nation clearly don’t have a major issue with farm animals being in captivity, otherwise they wouldn’t be buying their meat from supermarkets etc in first place.

Obviously, this is all just my view. Anyway, below are some interesting photos of the animals on a snowy day 🙂



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