Bicycle tourists stuck abroad

On Facebook I’ve seen lots of bicycle tourists are stuck in countries like nepal, georgia etc due to the coronavirus. It wouldn’t be the best time to be on a bicycle tour, although the traffic for anyone that’s still on the move must be less which would be a good thing for them. I suppose anyone that wasn’t fast enough to an airport has got stuck.

When I was in Ireland with my father (I wasn’t cycling at the time), we met a group of cyclists under the name of cape2cape . They were alright people and they were basically cycling from Nordkap in Norway, to cape town in south africa. Very impressive. However, I have noticed on their facebook they are still cycling it even though there is a coronavirus outbreak going on. Hopefully they don’t get into any trouble. For their own safety I think they should terminate the trip early even though they are almost there. I wonder if they will be able to get home though so maybe carrying on is their only option.

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