A Few Short Bicycle Tours in the European Continent

Below is a map of some cycle tours I have created in the European continent;

All of these tours start at European ports –  which are accessible by ferry, from the UK.

Hook of Holland to Leeuwarden (3 cycling days)  – This route goes along the Dutch coast via some amazing dunes. Most of the journey is off road. I have cycled a bit of the coastal route from Hook of Holland to Den Haag in 2016 and I remember being extremely impressed.  I preferred the coast in NL a lot more than the farms of rural Netherlands. However from my research the coast get less interesting in the less populated northern regions. This is a typical view of the Eurovelo 12 coastal route (in northern NL).  I also read cities such as Groningen in the North were heavily bombed in WW2, and from google images don’t look as great as Leeuwarden that has lots of nice looking canals. Hence why this is the endpoint. Edit: just found out the Afsluitdijk is closed for cyclists until 2020.

Dunkirk to Antwerp (2 cycling days)  – Antwerp is the most populated city in Belgium, and it’s also one of the best from my research. I have been here with my father but not cycling around. This would only be a two day trip (excluding the travel day to get to France /Belgium border)

Calais to Lille (2 cycling days) – Lille is a touristy,  populated city in France, that is probably worth visiting  – as there is a Eurovelo route from Calais to the city.

Calais to Amiens (2 cycling days) – This route goes via the French coast, and then follows a convertered river to a navagable canal to the city of Amiens. Looks like a cool end destination, with a nice cathedral. This is only a two day tour as well.

Cherbourg to Le Harve (4 cycling days)  –  At some point I think it would be cool to check out the D-Day beaches, as recently I have become very interested in world war 2 and other history. This route will visit many of these beaches.

St Malo to Nantes (3 cycling days) –  Nantes is one of the most populated cities in the North of France. This adventure follows local routes, and the famous La Vélodyssée cycle route in France.

Also here is a cycle ride to Vitré, Brittany from the UK (7+ days) :

The UK segment can potentially be used for another tour, such as “St Malo to Nantes” – This potential route goes via an NCN cycle route in the Cotswolds, as well as following off road segments around Wiltshire and the new forest. It goes to a hostel in Cirencester & a YHA near Stonehenge. As well as using the port of Poole, that has not be visited before.

The french segment includes lots of rail trails, rural Brittany & Normandy. And the impressive castles at Vitré & Fougères.


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