A Few Short Bicycle Tours in the United Kingdom;

These are a few ‘shorter’ multi-day bicycle tours that I’ve created in the UK. These routes mainly either follow Sustrans routes, canals or quiet country roads.

Melton Mowbray: 2 days – This adventure would start in Milton Keynes. I would get a southern railway train to this town, from Watford (off peak train hours). The journey follows an off-road cycle route, that goes along the the River Nene (discovered this route exists on the Sustrans’ website).  The route follows local cycle routes, and some NCN routes. It goes to Rutland Water, the second largest lake in England (behind Windemere lake). Another interesting fact is it’s the largest water reservoir, by surface area in the whole of the United Kingdom. I’ve seen photos of this reservoir and looks quite impressive. Additionally, there is an off-road route that goes all around the perimeter of the man made lake (including the inside part), as can be seen on the map above. This trip would end in the pork pie town of Melton Mowbray.

Brecon: 3 days  – This route passes through some interesting towns. Including; Ledbury, Hereford & Brecon. I loved the area around Brecon when I cycled there (from Chepstow, Wales in 2018). This route goes along NCN routes, and quiet country roads to Hereford. Soon after arriving in Wales – there is a canal (I believe one of the only canals in Wales) – that goes to Brecon. Should be a nice ride.

Clacton on sea: 2 days – I have wanted to cycle to Clacton for a while now, when I was younger I used to naively believe it would be possible to complete this in a day. I don’t want to put myself through over 100 miles. And I’m careful with the injuries that I have these days. Plus, in two days a quieter more interesting route can be produced. It’s one of the most popular seaside towns in the UK, with a pier etc. I have never visited the town, and would therefore be an awesome destination.

Isle of Wight: 3 days –  First night of this adventure would be staying in a hostel, near Guildford. I was surprised one existed but there is an independent one just outside the town. After this hostel, I would be following official Sustrans cycle routes about 99% of the way. I want to visit the island by bicycle, as have never done so. The main town Newport looks cool, Shanklin beach looks pretty nice & there is a decent rail trail over there.

Shrewsbury:  3 days – This route goes to a very old town in Shropshire. I have been to Shrewsbury before, it’s a cool place but never for a long time. And there is a Sustrans route most of the way there. On the first day I would be seeing Broadway Tower. Another potential option.

Leeds:  4 days – Leeds is a city that I’ve heard lots of people talk about. I think due to the university. One of the biggest cities in the country and in my view must be worth a visit. The photos I have seen of the place look alright, and the route itself goes via canals (which I only found out existed by looking at a map of all navigable canals in the country). One of these canals is called the; Ashby-de-la-Zouch Canal, and the other, situated further north is called the Erewash canal.  The route sees a lot of the countyside.


Below, are some additional tours that start further away;

Hull to Edinburgh – 9 days (1 day travelling) – I attempted to cycle to Edinburgh in 2018, however only made it to York due to a few reasons. Therefore I would like to retry at some point with a part 2 ride. But instead of starting in York. I would cycle from Hull, as then I can go via Scarborough & Whitby. I’ve heard these are both great seaside towns.

Newcastle to Whitehaven (C2C ) –  3 days  (1 day travelling) – I’ve read this route recommend so many times on the internet, and in person a few times. I believe it is one of the most popular cycle rides in the country. I would like to do it myself one day.

West Wales Coastal route – From Bangor to Tenby – 6 days (1 day travelling) – I have cycled along the entirety of the North Wales coastal route and the south wales coastal route… that leaves just the West coast to conquer. Since the east border is landlocked by England. Unfortunately the cycle route / good roads are mostly inland and don’t go to the sea on that many occasions, but this still could be a promising route. The adventure goes via Caernarfon & Aberystwyth. There is also potential after Tenby to go to Pembroke docks, and maybe cycle some more in the Republic of Ireland. Maybe to Kilkenny & Wexford?

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