[Planned 2020] – Flying to Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel is the only country in the middle east with cycle infrastructure. And I think the only country I would really want to visit due to terrorism and being white atheist I think Israel is safest for myself. I have seen photos of Jordan and Egypt, both look great places but bit too dodgy for me.

I know Israel has its problems such as terrorism, but so does Germany and UK. I personally think it looks an awesome nation. I met two Israelis a while back in Berlin, that I may be able to meet up with.

Israel has long distance routes in the south that go through the mountain regions (as can be seen on Opencyclemap.org), and Israel also has a cycle route that is completely off road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem… which I intend to do. There is a good coastal path around Tel Aviv to cycle… and not just from a cycling perspective there is lots to see in Israel, such as the dead sea… which I would probably check out by bus / coach or something like that.

Another amazing thing about Israel is the climate, I could go in Winter time UK when the weather is the worst and have a great time with warm weather…. might be a good time to go February 2020 or something. I hate the winters so I believe leaving the UK winter for a bit – is a sensible idea!

Below is the route that I have loaded onto my Garmin GPS

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