[In a few years time]- London to Orleans, France


At some point, I would very much like cycle to Orleans, France. Maybe this year depending on if I cycle along the River Meuse & Belgium instead. / I may not be able to get time of work for either;

This route goes via the path along the River Thames from London to Chertsey, and then a few roads that take me to the Bassingstoke canal. This is a windy canal in the Surrey countryside. The first night I stay at a free campsite that I have previously stayed in – on route to Roscoff. Getting to this campsite would be a completely different route. I then follow an NCN route, and an off-road rail trail to Portsmouth, that is called the Meon Valley trail.  Most of this journey on the UK side would be new to me, hence why I have chosen it.

After the ferry to Le Havre – I cycle along a cycle route next to the River Seine. I have cycled a segment of the river further upstream closer to the french capital (while doing London to Paris). This river flows through Rouen, a medieval looking french city. That I may stay an extra day in. At a town called “Vernon” I stop following the river – and head south. Going via the two awesome looking french cities of; Chartres & Orleans,

Looks a great ride! 8 days. Perhaps longer.

I can also use this ride as an opportunity to look more around Paris. This is because the train back to the french port will go via the French capital. London to Paris was one of my most enjoyable, adventurous rides I have completed. However, I did not do any major planning on stuff / attractions to see last time – other than; notre dame cathedral, Eiffel tower and Paris Zoo. After research I realise there is lots more to see & explore in this city. I look forward to this potential tour.

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